Urban Family Practice

Monday, October 16, 2017

Our Mobile App

Download our App for FREE!Now you can go to the App store for your iPhone or your Android and download the Urban Family Practice App for FREE!

This App will allow you to "TAKE US WITH YOU!" everywhere you go!

If you have a skin rash or infection, insect bite, broken bone or anything that can be seen, you can use our App to send a picture to us through the App and we can start to diagnose your ailment and recommend treatment until we can see you in person.

You will have instant access to all of our information such as contact info, location info, health tutorials and much more!

Click the iPhone or Android buttons below to see more information from their respective App Stores or scan the QR Codes to see the info on your phone.

Click here for the iPhone App Info Click here for the Android App Info

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